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What To Bring:

Yoga Mat-some of my locations offer a limited supply for your use, but it's always nice to have your own so that you are encouraged to practice at home and, of course, for hygiene reasons.  Before you purchase, feel free to ask me for advice.

Water-I like to encourage a healthy drink of water after my classes. Keep that purification working long after the practice is over.

Blanket-again, some of my locations offer blankets, and some do not. A blanket is nice to have for comfort while in savasana, whether it be for under your head and neck or for covering up.

Blocks-2 yoga blocks can allow you to move effectively through poses as well as when holding poses. 


What To Wear:

I encourage participants to wear loose, comfortable clothing.  You may want to dress in layers, for example: tank top, t-shirt, light sweater. Depending on the weather some locations may be warm one day and cooler the next.  It's always nice to be able to remove a shirt if the body becomes warm and nice to put the sweater on for savasana as the body begins to cool down. 


Other Pre Class Preparations:

It is recommended that you do not eat at least 2 hours prior to your yoga session.  Also, avoid drinking a half hour before class. This will ensure a more comfortable practice for your body.


If you find that you are running late, feel free to join in, but do so in a quiet manner so as not to disturb the others.   Center your mind for a few moments, perhaps with a childs pose, easy seated, or supine, and then join us when you are ready.  If you must leave early, plan your time and take a few moments in savasana.  You can leave any props you are using supplied by the studio/location or myself and I will put them away for you.  Please be mindful of the others as you leave.


Please silence cell phones and preferably store them away in your purse, jacket, etc...This time is for you and complete relaxation with no outside disturbances is of the utmost importance in order to attain this relaxation.

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