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MKE Yoga for Fertility


This series is done in 6-week segments.

Mondays-6:00-7:15 p.m.



2900 N 117th St.


(inside Body Renovation Physical Therapy)

RATE: $125 for the 6-week series.


MKE Yoga For Fertility enhances women's fertility through the integration of specific yoga postures to gently stretch and relax your muscles and connective tissues, and increase blood flow to your pelvis and reproductive organs. Each class incorporates relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques to help create a state of inner awareness and a deeper sense of peace, to reduce stress, worry, and depression, and to help you regain a better sense of balance and wellness in your life.


Traditionally, Yoga Therapy recognizes that any disease or health challenge comes from a separation within the five layers, known as koshas, that make up our body. When supporting fertility, it is important to work with all these layers of our body, to heal ourselves and come back into balance. Throughout this six-week series, we will focus on healing through these five koshas: physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom and bliss bodies.


Classes are 75 minutes long and include a balance of breath-work, relaxation meditation, and mindful movement specific for fertility. You will learn how to establish a home yoga practice, including specific tips and contraindications for yoga postures to address phases of your menstrual cycle, accompany fertility treatments and your individual reproductive concerns. Classes are designed to allow for individualized instruction and community support, to help reduce stress and bring you back into balance, on all levels.


This six-week class is designed to support women who are trying to conceive either naturally or through assisted reproductive treatments. Classes are open to women of all levels of yoga experience- beginner to advanced.


Registration is required as this is a small group class.




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